Absinthe Bizarre



Swiss Absinthe Bizarre

Absinthe Bizarre – strong, sweet on the palate, heart-warming. A herbal composition that complement one another perfectly.

Prepared following an ancient and unique recipe with plants native to the Val-de-Travers region. Cabaret Bizarre presents an Absinthe extravaganza that takes you to the edge of conventional existence, into a world of mystique, enchantment, jeopardy and thrill. Where dark fantasies become reality. Be enchanted by the bizarre Swiss seductress.

Swiss Absinthe BizarreAlthough Monsieur DuVallon announced that he would stop distilling his range of absinthes at the end of last year 2012, the ‘Absinthe Distribution’ and the ‘Cabaret Bizarre‘ from Bale in Switzerland managed to convince him to create this amazing absinthe.

Aroma: Herbal and strong, yet very well balanced.

Taste: Sweet, soft and smooth. An elegant Verte, you can taste DuVallons work.

Distilled at the Val-de-Travers according to traditional distilling methods, there is only a very limited number of bottles available. The herbs used to distill this Verte are all obtained from the Val-de-Travers region, which contribute to Absinthe Bizarre’s characteristic and unique taste. A Verte from the Val-de-Travers is always something special!

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 Lou Lou D’vil / Finnland / Absinthe Bizarre Performer

Award-winning Show Stopper
The Reigning Queen of Burlesque  2013 / Miss Exotic World

She was born in a country of thousand lakes and spellbinding emerald forests. Her exotic beauty, blazing eyes and passionate charisma have made her one of the brightest performance artists in The world. Notorious for her fierce reincarnation of seductive vintage glamour and bump’n’grind burlesque, she tantalizes audiences all over the world in cities including Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Dallas, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, London, Helsinki, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Venice, Zurich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Tallinn, Stockholm, Istanbul, Barcelona & Madrid, always delivering the finest for them. With her statuesque 39-23-39 figure she excites her audience to booming howling and vibrant stomp.



The Baron / Finnland / Cabaret & Absinthe Bizarre Artist

Absinthe Bizarre and The BaronA show case of dreadful dead-pan and spooky slapstick! The longest nipples in the world and the strongest man on earth!





Joe Black / UK / Cabaret & Absinthe Bizarre Artist

Cabaret Bizarre’s number one compere is back to deliver pure unequivocal shockery and make the finest mockery of all that is moral and decent in sweeping supercilious ballads, as only he knows how. Top vaudevillian villain, he is the unmistakable pioneering personality for the next generation of cabaret.




Roxy Diamond / Germany / Cabaret & Absinthe Bizarre Artist

She takes the audience on an unexpected journey of dark fantasies. Roxy is a fetish lover with a dark, misterious and morbid twist.








Chrisalys / UK / Cabaret & Absinthe Bizarre Artist

Absinthe BizarreOne of the most internationally renowned freak-show acts. A divine creature, a drag-queen strongman act with attitude. Shoving screwdrivers up his nose, putting mousetraps on his tongue and pushing the audience to its limits of endurance.







Benjamin Louche / UK / Cabaret & Absinthe Bizarre Artist

Absinthe Bizarre Benjamin LoucheBenjamin Louche is a compère specializing in the anomalous, the deviant and the preternatural, in bordellos, weddings, bar mitzvahs and children’s parties, political assassinations, hoedowns, lowdowns, hostage situations, Mexican standoffs and your entire common-or-garden end of the world scenarios…
Shortlisted «Best Compère» London Cabaret Awards 2012 & 2013.





 Michiel van Leeuwn / UK / Cabaret & Absinthe Bizarre Artist

Michiel’ s art is both original and personal, presenting aerial acrobatics and equilibrism in enthralling intimidating expressions of new circus and performance dance. His highly visual shows are pure skill and agility and poetry, introducing you to a new genre all of his own.







Luna Moka / FR / Cabaret & Absinthe Bizarre Artist

She is the Alsatian femme fatale; do not trust her dream-like poetic style as she is notoriously known to abduct the senses, taking fragile minds and hearts on indulgent trips and leaving them to wake baffled and dusty on the bitter sidewalks of ‘reality’ with but a memory of an unforgettable dream-like experience far too short lived.



Die Donnerwetters / NL & DE / Cabaret & Absinthe Bizarre Artists

Die Donnerwetters are Herr Dokter and Frau Donnerwetter. Since they met, they love to laugh, to tease, to rock and to shock together. The unique combination of old-school freaky sideshows and traces of burlesque with fire and other secret ingredients will blow your cotton socks off and reduce them to ashes!



 Jack Woodhead / GB / Cabaret & Absinthe Bizarre Artist

He combines his virtuosic piano skills with singing, comedy and haute couture style! There’s very little defense you can have on craziness.



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