About us

 “C’est l’heure de la fée verte!”

It is our pleasure to introduce you the Swiss Absinthe Distribution.

The Absinthe Distribution is your partner for original, handcrafted Swiss absinthe products from the Val-de-Travers. Preserving the authenticity and originality of Swiss absinthe is something very close to our hearts.

This is why our Swiss products are made entirely by small-scale producers using natural ingredients, sustainable processes and artisan skills.

Our producers have been distilling absinthe as long as they can remember, always according to the old family traditions and the recipes of the Belle Epoque. They almost exclusively use herbs from the 
Val-de-Travers, which are distilled using age-old methods in small alembics.

To find out more about the philosophy of the Absinthe Distribution take a look at our mission statement. 


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